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Who are The Outsiders?

Made up of talented musicians, singers, and performers, The Outsiders started life as a cover band who now also write and perform their own material.

Inspired by Reggae, Rock, and Pop, The Outsiders provide lively, upbeat performances that cater to a wide audience.

Having performed to a wide range of audiences throughout England and completed their first tour in 2016, the popularity of The Outsiders has grown, and their following has increased massively.

Since forming in 2010, The Outsiders have inspired people locally, form their own bands and gained support nationally too.

There is no doubt the story of The Outsiders has changed peoples views on what is possible when you live a life with disabilities, and they have proven themselves to be unstoppable…..

Watch this space for the future of The Outsiders.

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The Outsiders aspire to continue to inspire people and to perform their fabulous shows to wider audiences, extend their reach and show people what truly is possible.

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