Meet the Band

Member Profiles:

Aarron – I am a singer, drummer and bass player for The Outsiders – not all at the same time!. I have been singing since I was young at parties. I have been with The Outsider for eight years.  I enjoy everything about being in a band as everyone is very friendly and very supportive. It’s awesome and joyful. We are like a little family. I’ve made a lot of friends whilst being in the band and going on gigs. I would love to play at Glastonbury!  Last year I took on a new role with The Outsider and I now help to manage and mentor the band.

Lorraine- I am a singer and bass player for the Outsider. I have been in the band for eight years.  I love singing and it is very exciting to play at gigs. I was really pleased when I started with the Outsiders and I have now made many friends. I find happiness in singing and playing music. Everyone is really supportive being in The Outsiders. I want to sing at music festivals.

Andrew – I am a singer for the Outsiders. I have been in the band for eleven years. I love singing and old school singers. As a singer I aspire to be like Denis Brown. I like to get the crowd going, dancing and having a good time. I love the publicity with being in The Outsiders. I enjoy the rehearsals and everything that goes with being in a band. I love the atmosphere and the friends I have made. I want to learn more music and new songs that I can perform to audiences at gigs and festivals.

Sarah – I am a singer, bass player and drummer with The Outsiders, I have been in the band for five years and in that time I have toured with The Outsiders around England and played at some big festivals, I have been interviewed on radio a number of times and I have been in the recording studio a lot to record for The Outsiders.  I am really proud of what I have achieved through being in The Outsiders and what we have achieved together as a band.