About us

Who are The Outsiders?

Made up of talented musicians, singers, and performers, The Outsiders started life as a cover band who now also write and perform their own material.

Inspired by Reggae, Rock, and Pop, The Outsiders provide lively, upbeat performances that cater to a wide audience.

Having performed to a wide range of audiences throughout England and completed their first tour in 2016, the popularity of The Outsiders has grown, and their following has increased exponentially. With newly written material they now aspire to get back on tour, make new fans and inspire an entirely new generation of people nationwide.


Member Profiles:

Aarron Cammiss- I am a singer, drummer and bass player for the Outsiders – not all at the same time!. I have been singing since I was young at parties. I have been in the band for 5 years. My inspiration is David Beckham. I enjoy everything about being in a band as everyone is very friendly and very supportive. It’s awesome and joyful. Were like a little family. I’ve made a lot of friends whilst being in the band and going on gigs. I would love to play at Glastonbury!

Paul Dearden- I am a guitarist for the Outsiders. I have been in the band for 4 years. I have had a lot of experience playing the guitar. I enjoy doing the variety of things that come with being in the band and I love playing new songs. When I joined the Outsiders I felt brilliant. I feel like I can express my feelings and tell jokes however I need to be careful about what jokes I share with people! I have made lots of new friends and I am very proud of what the band has achieved. I want to do more intros on new songs.

John Gledhill- I play the saxophone for the Outsiders. I have been in the band since the start. I love playing the saxophone. I have played the saxophone for a number of years. I felt good when I joined the Outsiders. Nerves can get the better of me! I feel more confident playing the saxophone in front of people. I have made lots of new friends especially at Bradford College. I am busier because of the gigs we play at. I want to play at more gigs.

Lorraine- I am a singer and bass player for the Outsider. I have been in the band for 5 years. I enjoy singing and being in a band. I love singing and it is very exciting to play at gigs. I was shocked to death when I started with the Outsiders I have now made many friends. I find happiness in singing and music. Everyone is really supportive and I enjoy the publicity with gigs and being in a band. I want to sing at music festivals.

Andrew Walsh- I am a singer for the Outsiders. I have been in the band for 8 years. I love singing and old school singers. As a singer I aspire to Denis Brown. I like to get the crowd going. I love the publicity with being in a band. I enjoy the rehearsals and everything that goes with being in a band. I love the atmosphere and the friends I have made. I want to learn more music and new songs that I can perform to audiences at gigs and festivals.

Sarah Bowes – I am a singer, bass player and drummer with The Outsiders, I have been in the band for 4 years and in that time I have toured with The Outsiders around England and played at some big festivals, I have been interviewed on radio a number of times and I have been in the recording studio a lot to record for The Outsiders.  I am really proud of what I have achieved through being in The Outsiders and what we have achieved together as a band.

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